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Home Stay for our 20-year-old daughter (PARIS)

Kim(Date soumission: 03 Mai 2012     Dernière mise à jour: 03 Mai 2012)
Catégorie:Famille: Echanges internationaux
Mai 2012
Our 20-year-old daughter E., who will finish her second year at
Harvard next month, will be spending the summer in Paris. She has
an internship from mid-May until the third week of June, after which
she will begin a two-month academic program. Housing is provided
for her when she starts her summer study program. However, we are
hoping to help her find a place to live from (approximately) May 10
- June 21.

Ideally, E. would live with a French family in Paris, in a
location from which she can easily commute on the RER to Canal Plus
in Issy-Les-Moulineaux. E. would be happy to provide babysitting
(she is very experienced, having worked as a camp counselor for
three summers) or English lessons for the family who hosts her. Or,
we would be happy to host a French high school or university student
at our apartment in New York City (Upper East Side of Manhattan) if
E.'s host family is interested in an exchange (we are flexible
about the dates, since E. will be away all summer and her room
will therefore be available).

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