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Part Time Nanny Chelsea NYC

Harry(Date soumission: 25 Juin 2014     Dernière mise à jour: 25 Juin 2014)
Catégorie:Offres Emplois (Cabinets de recrutement exclus): Aides ménagères, babysitteurs, etc.
1 Septembre 2014 - 31 Décembre 2015
Chelsea NYC
Posting for a friend:

Looking for a part time nanny starting the first week of September for our two boys: 4 and 6 year olds.
They are both in school from 9-3 every day in Chelsea.
We would need someone between 15-20 hours a week.

Start time would 2:30 every day to pick up the boys and take them to their various activities, play dates, or to the park.
We would want lunches prepared for the next day and like occasional help with homework.

We would love to have someone who speaks a foreign language (preferably Spanish, French or Italian), though that is not required.
We will need some light cleaning between our bi-monthly cleaning person visits.
We also would like them to keep the children's room and living room neat and organized, do laundry, and occasionally run errands (small grocery, etc) .

What is most important to us is finding someone who is loving and warm but also firm and structured.
We would like our parenting philosophies to be honored and enforced.

Our boys are very active, so ideally we would have someone who is young and active too.
We would love to have them stay occasional evenings for additional pay if possible (not required).
On days when the children are sick or don't have school, it would be ideal if we could have them for the entire day.
To counter that, there will be many days when they get paid to work and we are away.
In addition, we go away for at least a week at Christmas and two weeks over the summer, which will be paid vacation time.

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