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Supply Chain Manager LEBLON

Leblon(Date soumission: 18 Nov 2014     Dernière mise à jour: 18 Nov 2014)
Catégorie:Offres d'emplois (PMEs)
18 Novembre - 31 Décembre 2014
Manhattan, New York
*** Job Description ***
Looking for full-time Financial Supply Chain Manager.
Responsible for overseeing all the steps required to bring products to market, from managing supply chain and logistics to all related financial reporting and analysis.
You will be joining a team that is creating and selling an amazing product—Leblon Cachaça— along with its aged counterpart, Reserva Especial, and its fruit liqueur sisters in the Cedilla line.

*** Responsibilities ***
This is a diverse role in a creative and casual office setting.
Looking for a highly dis­ciplined individual who is self-motivated and delivery-focused, and can effectively manage the following key responsibilities:
* Prepare the company’s financial statements (P&L and balance sheet), and work with audit company on year end closing
* Prepare detailed P&Ls by region to track monthly sales performance
* Monitor inventory flows for all products, reconcile inventory levels, update monthly aver­age cost, calculate necessary book to actual adjustments
* Prepare monthly journal entries to record US sales, COGS, AR, excise tax, inventory, various expenses etc.
* Supply chain management: assess necessary purchases of dry goods, raw materials and liaise with partners in the US, Brazil and France to coordinate those purchases, monitor inventory of finished goods and arrange necessary transfers between different warehouses
* Planning and budgeting of the supply chain operation
* Project management and profitability/cost analysis on new potential projects

*** Qualifications ***
* Bachelor or Master’s degree in accounting/finance
* Experience in the beverage industry preferred, but not required
* Fluency in French a plus
* Knowledge of cost accounting preferred
* Advanced Excel knowledge
* Excellent analytical skills

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