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The 2013 Townhouse Seminar NY

Jill(Date soumission: 10 Sept 2013     Dernière mise à jour: 10 Sept 2013)
Catégorie:Evénements Professionnels / Payants: Séminaires & Ateliers
Jeudi 19 Septembre 2013
18h - 20h
Midtown Manhattan
I specialize in the sale and lease of small buildings and townhouses in NYC.
I am having a Townhouse Seminar on 9/19.
It would be great if you could attend.

Even if you are not in the market for a townhouse, the information is useful for anyone that owns real estate in NYC or may be interested in purchasing real estate.

Please feel free to pass the invite along to others that may be interested.

The topics for discussion are Green Architecture, Bang for your Buck in terms of renovating, passing real estate to heirs while minimizing tax implications, and of course the general state of the real estate market in NYC.

You are cordially invited.
Please RSVP.

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