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Insecurity in France

Securitas(18 Avr 2011)
Real life example about insecurity in France.
A friend of mine, living in the Paris suburbs got burglarized a few weeks ago.
He went away for the weekend and when he came back he found that his front door had been severely damaged.
He couldn't even get in his apartment and had to call a locksmith.
The good news is that the burglars failed to break in.
My friend was lucky to return to his apartment before the burglars could attempt a second break-in attempt.
When he went to the police to fill a police report, the police didn't even care to investigate by collecting fingerprints or any other evidence. He was shocked by their indifference. The burglars had almost complete impunity. The police official was even annoyed that he came to fill a report because this would look bad for the statistics.

My friend is now living in fear of a second break-in and feels really violated.
He must now invest in a reinforced steel door (2000 Euros) and in a video surveillance system (40 Euros a month).
It is now almost impossible to live in the Paris area without this kind of surveillance and protection.
Worse is that the insecurity has also spread to other French provinces outside Paris.

This is one of the hidden costs of living in France. When household income is all but stagnating, this is a tough pill to swallow. At the national level, such lax policy doesn't seem to make any sense. It would certainly make more financial sense to catch the bad guys than let every household on their own for their security. In the aggregate, such costs add up and waste valuable resources that could be deployed more productively. No wonder that France is expected to lose its rank as the 8th richest nation and drop to the 13th position in the next 15 years.

The feeling of insecurity is now much greater in France than in New York.
Most travelers I spoke with now admit they feel safer in the NYC subway than in the Paris metro.
Share you thoughts on this forum.
Orangemecanique(19 Janv 2013)
Alors que le débat aux EU sur le contrôle des armes est relancé, un nouveau livre sur l'insécurité en France devient un best Seller:
La France Orange mécanique par Laurent Obertone.

«3 000 vols, 2 000 agressions et 200 viols par jour» telles sont les statistiques accablantes.
La France barbare ou l'ensauvagement d'une nation sont les expressions employées.

Et cela alors que les armes à feu sont strictement règlementées. Certainement un excellent sujet de réflexion...
Cambriolages(25 Juin 2014)
Le Point vient de publier les chiffres 2013 pour les cambriolages: plus de 1000 cambriolages par jour pour un coût moyen de 1.800 euros.
Cela représente près de 365.000 cambriolages pour l'année 2013.

Les chiffres parlent d'eux mêmes et la tendance est continue depuis plusieurs années quel que soit le gouvernement.
Les données viennent de la Fédération française des sociétés d'assurances. Le Point ne s'est pas donné la peine de comparer ces chiffres avec ceux de la police...


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