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Pros & Cons: Duke vs. Cornell

Thomas(24 Janv 2014)
My son is studying at HEC Paris, Master in Management.
He has two options for an exchange semester in the US: Cornell or Duke.

He is interested in Finance and Capital Markets.
His first exchange semester during undergraduate study was at Emory.
I want to ask particularly the Americans: What is better for him from the American view?
Cornell or Duke?

Harry(25 Janv 2014)
Academically both schools are top.
However, there are some noticeable differences and you should take into considerations other factors when making your final choice -- such as student life, location, activities and clubs, etc.

1) Cornell is big, twice as big as Duke.
If you thrive in a big environment, then Cornell it is, otherwise if you want more personal attention then you should gravitate toward Duke.

2) If you want to be in finance, you should be as close as New York as possible.
In terms of location, NC is no comparison to NY, unless you are really averse to colder weather.

3) Duke tends to be more laid back than Cornell and is perceived as more of a party school.
Cornell comes with an Ivy League pedigree (for what it is worth) and is more competitive.

4) In terms of placement, if you do a quick LinkedIn research for Analyst at Goldman Sachs, you get twice as many results for Cornell as for Duke.
Ron(03 Avr 2014)
My advise to you is to let your son use his own judgment because he has his own personal interests you may not know. I am sure he has the ability to browse the Internet , so he can do research and come up with something. Instead of looking for the right answers to the question regarding Duke vs Cornell, you create confusion in your mind... Nevertheless I understand you want a prestigious school for your son...

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