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The International Francophile & Francophone Portal
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The International Francophile Portal
PFr's groups together all Francophiles of all nationalities around the world. It is not necessary to speak French to be a Francophile. A Francophile is someone who generally likes what is French. This includes history, culture, food, people and more. Because of France's rich history, Francophiles are present on all five continents and French remains the second most spoken language by non native speakers after English.
Uprooted/Isolated International Francophiles
PFr's goal is to promote exchanges between francophiles of all nationalities.
PFr enables the Francophiles expatriates, students, visitors whether in French or non French speaking countries to establish meaninglful relationships and friendship. For the uprooted expats, PFr is a very powerful tool to ease their transition in their new environment. For the Francophones and Francophiles in non French speaking countries, PFr enables them to break their increasing isolation.
Francophile Cultural Crisis
In a world where French culture and language is in crisis, PFr offers a unique and powerful tool to gather all Francophile goodwill without distinction of race or nationality.
Feel free to explore the functions and tools provided by PFr by clicking HERE.
Diversity & Francophilia
For the critics, Francophilia is a relic of French neo-colonialism. For PFr, Francophilia is not a factor of division but of bonding. Learning a new language and experiencing a new culture is not subtractive but additive. Experiencing a new language and/or culture does not weaken another one, but adds to our collective knowledge by enabling us for example to discover new ways of thinking.
In summary, Francophiles mobilize a rich heritage and tormented history for their own personal growth and enrichment. PFr enables Francophones and non Francophones alike to challenge themselves into new ways of thinking in a world where globalization has often been synonymous with reduced diversity.

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