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  • PFr has been the first global portal specifically and exclusively dedicated to all international FRANCOPHILES & FRANCOPHONES.
    Connect with native French speakers and non native speakers alike. PFr's approach to bring all Francophiles on a common platform based on international friendship and mutual understanding is truly unique.
  • Since 1998, PFr has enabled all Francophiles and Francophones to connect worldwide. PFr was among the first social networks to establish an internet presence.
    PFr offers an unrivaled nexus to meet and link with other international Francophiles anywhere in the world.
Whatever my motives, PFr enables me to find easily the Francophile connections I am looking for
  • Want to practice French?
    Are your French language skills rusting? PFr enables you to meet with native francophones in your area and practice your French.
  • Looking for Francophiles in your area?
    Whether you are a non native French speaker or a native francophone expat or student abroad, PFr enables you to connect with local Francophile in your area.
  • Want to reach out to other Francophiles worldwide?
    PFr enables you to find other Francophiles anywhere in the world. There are 3m+ French expatriates around the world, 350m+ Francophones including 100m+ for who French is not their native language. Whether you want to make professional or personal connections, PFr offers me unrivaled resources to reach other international Francophiles. Whether I want to find a francophone correspondent for my children or promote a product, service or idea to the Francophile community, PFr is a must-have tool!
  • Looking for international francophiles connections for your children?
    PFr enables you to connect with other Francophile parents around the world. Find international correspondants, host families, international study programs or share tips with other parents.
  • Interested in or intrigued by French culture?
    Want to share your thoughts or ask questions about French culture, arts, history, politics with other Francophiles worldwide?
  • Looking for Francophile professional connections?
    PFr enables you to connect with Francophile international professionals around the world. Connect with Francophiles professionals in you industry; Find a job or an internship; Hire a Francophile professional; Find business opportunities; Share advice and stories; etc.
  • Looking for a Francophile sweetheart?
    French has the reputation of being the “language of love”... And PFr has many Francophile singles. Whether your are a non native French speaker looking for that special Francophone boyfriend or girlfriend or a Francophone native looking for an international Francophile sweatheart, PFr can help you. Actually, many couples have met on PFr and many have even married. Why not you?
PFr uses the CODIPP™ platform
Your connections as you dream them ...
A privacy-centered social networking platform.
CODIPP offers a modular, feature-rich, multi-functional platform respectful of my privacy.
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The International Francophile & Francophone Social Networking Portal

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