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Information Transparency & Direct/Indirect Feedback from Other Members

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PFr uses the CODIPP™ platform
Relational Feedback Spy Block
The CODIPP platform provides me a cutting-edge social and relational feedback module. This module has two components: transparency of information and feedback tools.
The CODIPP platform is transparent regarding who is accessing my information. This feature serves two purposes: a) knowing who is viewing my information enables me to identify potential new connections and/or the most active relationships and b) anonymous voyeurism and spying is not possible on the CODIPP platform.
The CODIPP platform also provides me with relational feedback tools such as anonymous ratings by other members, recommendations/blames, grods or group boards. These tools allow me to learn more about myself and how I am perceived by others. These tools allow me to evaluate my reputation and to inform other members about me. These reputational tools are an effective way promote myself or conversely to police my bad behavior on the platform.
The CODIPP platform is transparent.
I can know in real time who is viewing my profile.
This enables me to evaluate my popularity and my level of interaction with other members on the platform.
I can screen the legitimate requests from the 'voyeurs' and various 'spies' who want to access my information anonymously.
More specifically:
- My profile view statistics are compiled chronologically and by country.
- I can identify the most recent members who have viewed my profile.
These types of statistics give me invaluable information which can help me determine how popular and sociable I am and the how I am perceived by other members.
This valuable social information can help me improve my social and networking skills.
In addition, I can initiate new potential networking opportunities by being able to identify those who have viewed my profile.
CODIPP's transparency extends to all my contribution on the platform. The CODIPP platform lets me know who is viewing my postings and all my contributions (ads, forums and so on) on the PFr's website.
In particular, the platform uses a powerful ad management system where I can monitor all my posts individually.
These statistics help me track how effective I am in reaching out to other members and how popular are my various contributions.
However, personally identifiable statistics are only available for 'personal' posts and are not available to sponsored advertisers who can only view group statistics.
In the CODIPP platform, I can rate and be rated by other members.
Ratings are anonymous and the rater anonymity is strictly preserved to encourage every member to provide a true and sincere evaluation.
These rating statistics allow me to obtain a direct and authentic feedback.
Like the reflection of a mirror, this information projects to me member how I am perceived by the other members.
I can use this information to improve my behavior and social skills by correcting my most salient weaknesses or reinforcing my most significant strengths.
The platform also allows members to give recommendations and blames to other members.

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