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Is it possible to meet new and interesting people without compromising my privacy and/or being submerged by unwanted solicitations?
The CODIPP platform offers an original solution to this dilemma.

• Networking & Privacy on the Leading Social Networks

The leading social networks have settled for the most elementary solution to the privacy dilemma.
  • The users' privacy has been sacrificed for the short-term and illusory convenience of letting them users find their connections quickly. The leading social networks have benefited from open information sharing through the "network effect" — the value of their platform is proportional to the number of users.
  • After 2011, some privacy controls were introduced after users repeatedly complained about not being able to protect their information.
    However, when used, these controls have severely restricted the users' ability to make new connections outside their «normal» social circles.
The limits of existing privacy controls on the leading social networks' can be summarized as follows:
  • It is very difficult if not impossible to set simultaneously what information I want to share and with whom.
    In real life, connections are dynamic and relationships evolve.
    Consequently, acces to personal information must be regularly updated and sometimes revoked.
    Static privacy settings are not well suited to real life situations.
    On average, a user typically maintains 300 connections on the leading social networks.
    For the social bees, managing an increasing large number of dynamic connections can rapidly become an insurmountable challenge.
  • It is often not possible to separate my professional, social or personal networks from one another.
    All my connections are too often comingled together for all to share indiscriminately.
  • I am not allowed to expand my connections outside my existing networks.
    My account may even be disabled if I attempt to make new connections outside my «normal» social circles with users I haven't previously met.
    This social discrimination can place deleterious consequences on my business and professional opportunities.

• Networking & Privacy on CODIPP

Should chance be elimated from our online social relations?
The unforeseen is the main driver of all life forms and their evolution.
The unpredictable is source of dynamism for those who can accept it as a source of opportunities.
From this perspective, any attempt to limit the role of the unpredictable in our social relations can be viewed as unnatural.

CODIPP's solution to the privacy dilemma is original as it empowers me to take back control of my information.
The CODIPP platform was explicitly designed to encourage me to make new and unforeseen social connections while preventing undesired solicitations, unwanted information broadcast and indiscriminate connection sharing.

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