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PFr uses the CODIPP™ platform


PFr is powered by the CODIPP platform designed at its core to re-empower me as a user to take control of my information and manage my contacts. CODIPP is a new generation of social networking platform for those concerned with the lax privacy protections offered by existing social networking websites.
CODIPP empowers me to retake control of my information at a very granular level and gives me the ability to define how and with whom I want to share it at the individual level yet in a very intuitive way.
CODIPP enables me to organize all my contacts using a flexible and sophisticated multi-grouping method; this allows me to preclude any voyeurism and prevent all indiscretions among unrelated individuals in my personal, professional or social contacts.
CODIPP features transparency and a relational feedback loop. This allows me to monitor who is accessing my information and to receive feedback from other members via ratings, blames and recommendations.
CODIPP offers a powerful private messaging module for individual and group communications.
Grods or private group messages enable me to send group messages to selected people in my networks and to share information with only the ones I want to. Grods allow me to be discriminating: my life doesn't need to be an open book for everyone to see. No need to broadcast to job interviewers that I won't be available for interview because I am taking a well deserved vacation.
The private email system keeps my email address secure and confidential. I can send emails to any member on the platform, reply to incoming messages without fear of being spammed. This feature is very useful when replying to ads.
CODIPP has developed some powerful tools to reduce abuse and undesired solicitations:
  • Reciprocity

    CODIPP strictly enforces reciprocity. Members who create empty profiles receive the lowest membership level. Reciprocity is the major ingredient in all social relations and members who refuse to share any personal information should not be able to access other members' information outside their own networks. Members who do not wish to share their information can still use all the platform functions but only within their own networks.
  • Multiple Membership Levels

    CODIPP associates different privilege levels for each membership level. Membership levels provide an effective way to filter out unwanted potential solicitations and connections from non relevant members. Only members meeting some relevant pre-defined criteria can connect with other members with whom they have had no previous relationship.
  • Point System

    CODIPP provides for a point system to further weed out fake members and the voyeurs who are unwilling to be positive contributors in the network. Points are granted according to varying criteria based on a member's profile information and/or specific active contributions. Only members who earn enough points can network outside their networks.
  • Members' Self-policing

    CODIPP enables members to give recommendations or blames to each other. This technique makes it possible to flag members who abuse the network and game the system. Members who receive too many blames can be excluded from accessing other members' information or soliciting other members outside their immediate networks.

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