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Understanding the Spheres of Friendship

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PFr uses the CODIPP™ platform
Protecting my information and controlling who can access it is at the core of the CODIPP platform.
In a nutshell, my privacy is enforced using two sets of privileges.
This privilege management system truly differentiates and sets apart the CODIPP platform.
The two sets of privileges levels are:
  • Direct privileges: they are unique bilateral and individualized privileges levels for each member in my networks.
  • Indirect privileges: they are privilege levels inherited among members.
The reality of human interactions requires a more complex, sophisticated, and granular perspective than a simplistic binary/dichotomist choice Friend/No Friend.
The CODIPP platform incorporates the complexity of human relations by allowing different levels of privileges (or Friendship Spheres).
The different levels of privileges take into account the nature of the relationship and the level of 'intimacy' shared with the other person(s).
For example:
  • I don't want to share my private connections with my coworkers
  • I don't want my boss to know I am looking for a new job
  • I don't want my nosy neighbor to snoop on my friends' profile or to share my professional connections with him(her)
CODIPP enables me to grant each of my contacts un direct privilege levels. CODIPP has identified 8 levels of bilateral relationship or spheres of friendship corresponding to 8 levels of privileges. This classification enables me to manage easily and intuitively all my contacts:
NONE. . . . . . .Blocked Members
LOW. . . . . . .Supporter Members
LOW-MEDIUM. . . . . . .Co-workers, Neighbors & Classmates
MEDIUM. . . . . . .General Acquaintances
MEDIUM-HIGH. . . . . . .Active Members
HIGH. . . . . . .Affiliated & Potential Friends
VERY-HIGH. . . . . . .Close Friends
FULL. . . . . . .Best Friends and/or Immédiate Family
In addition, CODIPP allow for different privilege levels for different membership types.
The default privileges levels for each membership type are:
  • Low for Supporter Members
  • Medium-High for Active Members
To learn more about the different membership types, click HERE
Indirect privileges are derived from the transfer and inheritance of the direct privilege levels. The logic of bilateral privilege levels does not fully capture the complexity of human relations. It must be completed by atransferability logic of privilege levels for affiliated members in my networks.
More explicitly, my friends' friends can also be my friends.
In this situation, I can choose to inherit the privileges given by my friends to other affiliated members in my networks.
CODIPP's indirect privilege logic is very subtle because it doesn't indistinctly agglomerate all friends of friends and recognizes that there exists among my friends of friends.
The CODIPP platform has a unique approach by introducing explicitly different privileges levels enabling its members to tailor individually on a bilateral and collective basis the nature of their relationship with other members.
In doing so, the CODIPP platform provides a robust solution to the privacy concerns of its members.

The CODIPP platform rejects and goes beyond the flawed degrees of separation methodology used by most social networks. The degrees of separation methodology totally ignores the intensity of bilateral relations and the nature of the nodes linking separated individuals.
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