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Comment obtenir les voyelles accentuées?
(si l'on a pas de clavier français AZERTY)

There are two ways you can type in French on a non French computer/keyboard.

First,    You can set up your keyboard with the French keyboard layout.
In Windows go to:

  • Start
  • Settings
  • Control Panel
  • Select the 'Keyboard' icon
  • Select to Input Locales tab
There, you will see that English (United States) is checked.THIS is what you need to update.
Click on the 'Add' tab, then click on the scrolling down arrow and highlight French. You may or may not be asked for your Windows 95/98/2000/XP disk.

Your keyboard is now set up. You can set the French keyboard as your default keyboard and start typing in French!
For a preview of the French keyboard layout, click on the link below
French Keyboard Layout

It takes a couple of hours of practice to memorize the keyboard. Afterwards, you will be all set!

NOTE : You can type both in English and French with the French keyboard layout but the reverse is not true.

Second,    You can use with an American keyboard the ALT key to generate the French accents.

For example:

  • ALT + 130 = é
  • ALT + 133 = à
  • ALT + 136 = ê
  • ALT + 134 = î
  • ALT + 151 = ù

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