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The instructions below explain how to unsubscribe or update your email subscription.


If you joined before before 2010, you are a legacy Jeunes Francophiles member.
If your account has been dormant, you will need to reactivate it for the new PFr website. The website has totally been redesigned since you joined.
After you login, you'll need to verify that you are 18 of age and agree to the revised terms of use.
Then, you will be able access all the new site's functions.


If you wish to changeyour email subscriptions, you can do so in your User Settings
To access your Users Settings from the top menu:
  Module: Networks & Connections
  Tab: My Membership / My User Settings
The user settings section enables you:
  1. to set the frequency of your email notifications (weekly, monthly or quarterly) and
  2. to select which geographical lists you wish to subscribe to.


If you want to unsubscribe from PFr altogether, please go to Unsubscribe
From the top menu:
  Module: Networks & Connections
  Tab: My Membership / Unsubscribe


In order for us to unsubscribe you from PFr, you will need to forward us your username and password.
You can retrieve you login ID and password from the login page using your email address as your login ID.
Please check the Help/FAQ section for the detailed instructions.
After you send us your username and password, we will be able to unsubscribe you from PFr.
Please use the contact form to write us.
IMPORTANT: We cannot unsubscribe you without your login credentials.
We need your credentials to access your account and to verify that your unsubscribe request is legitimate.

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