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Christine (2010)
Translated from the French original version
When I arrived in NY, I didn't know anyone.
I was full of energy and very happy to realize my old childhood dream of living in the Bid Apple.
At last, I was there!
However, I didn't know anybody and it was not that easy at first to meet other people and to make new friends. Simple things such as getting advice regarding all the administrative formalities or finding an apartment looked daunting when I had just arrived.
PFr helped me a lot. It is true that when I first join, I had no connections. The site was even intimidating. It forced me to become more active, for example by inviting other members sharing my hobbies. I met new people looking to share their ideas and passions.
But above all, the site respects my confidentiality and prevents voyeurism. This is a feature I really appreciate as a woman. Furthermore, the site allows me to organize my connections and to create groups as I see fit when I meet new people.
Alain (2011)
When I first opened an account on LI (the professional networking website), one of my classmate had just send me an invitation. During the following weeks, I added other classmates to my contacts and I was able to reconnect with some old friends.
When a coworker learned that I was on LI, he immediately suggested that we should connect. I was in a bind. If I accepted my coworker, he would be able to see and access my classmate connections. LI doesn't allow separating your contacts by 'levels of friendship'. Obviously, I didn't want to share my university connections with my coworker. What could I do?
I discovered PFr and the CODIPP platform. With CODIPP, I could add my coworker in my contact list without having to share with him my university connections. What a relief! Since then, I transferred all my connections from LI to PFr.

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