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Egyptian Party

Andrea(Date soumission: 17 Avr 2002     Dernière mise à jour: 17 Avr 2002)
Catégorie:Sorties en groupes: Art (Musées, Expositions, etc.)
Dimanche 21 Avril 2002
400 West 43rd Street (near 9th Avenue)
On the second floor in the Duke Ellington Room
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Dear Friends,

A friend of mine and I are throwing a party in my building this coming Sunday. I hope you can come.

"Frank Art Evenings" invites you to an Egypt themed evening on Sunday, April 21st at 7 PM.

Veronica will give a presentation about her book "Assassination in Egypt", which is based on a true story. This evening will be an opportunity to explore life in ancient Egypt by means of her talk and a slide presentation. In addition to our featured speaker Veronica, whose credentials include a Ph.D. in Literature, we are expecting some experts on Egypt to be in the audience.

Please bring something for other people to drink. Dressing like a mummy, a pharoah, or Cleopatra is optional. Frank and I look forward to seeing you then.


P.S. At the Art Evening, Frank will serenade the winner of his Egypt quiz with his own energetic rendition of the Bangles' 1985 hit "Walk Like An Egyptian". This unless you can come up with a better prize idea. Any suggestions?

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