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Winter Hike

Annie(Date soumission: 12 Janv 2008     Dernière mise à jour: 12 Janv 2008)
Catégorie:Sorties en groupes: Activités Sportives
Lundi 21 Janvier 2008
Catskills, NY
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Hello hikers:
This is a gorgeous hike, but it is not a stroll in the park! I am not planning to do the whole path (26 miles), but the Eastern portion of it (8-10 miles). If we maintain 2.5-3mph average it should be fine but challenging. If we have good weather, the views will be magnificient .
If the trail is too difficult, there are several fall back trails along the way leading you back to the parking lot. So you should be able to handle it.
Devil's Path Death March Dayhike
Devils Path & Peekamoose & Table Mountain Trail
Devil's Path Online guide
Catskills from the Shawangunks
Indian Head & Twin Mountain
Devil’s Path - Doing even a small chunk of the 23-mile Devil’s Path can be considered an extremely strenuous hike, however the rewards are numerous and unforgettable. Indian Head, Twin, Sugarloaf, and Twin are signature Catskill high peaks, and Plateau, Southwest Hunter, and Westkill Mountains will give you a better workout than you could ever pay for at a gym. Once you make it up to the spruce-fir summits, all of your troubles will disappear in the breeze. Amazing vistas from bluestone ledges will turn you into a romantic such as the likes of Thomas Cole and Washington Irving.
Plan: Leave the city early preferably 7:30am or earlier, 8am at the the latest.
Start hiking around 10:30-11:00am.
Dark comes around at 5pm, which leaves us 6 hours of non stop hiking.
At 3mph, we can cover 18miles before night.
At 2mph, we can cover 12miles before night.

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