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John(Submit date: May 4, 2006     Last update date: May 4, 2006)
Category:Group outings: Conferences
May 2005
1. 400 W 43rd Street (at 9th Avenue), 2nd Floor Duke Ellington Party Room
2. meet in front of the ticket office, The Museum of Modern Art, 11 W 53rd Street
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Dear Friends,

You are invited to join the group for two events in the first half of May. The main event about "The Da Vinci Code" will be held on Tuesday, May 9th. Also, see the bottom of this Evite for information about an excursion to MOMA to see the Edvard Munch exhibit on Friday, May 5.

1. "The Da Vinci Code - Fact and Fiction";Tuesday, May 9, 400 W 43rd Street (at 9th Avenue), 2nd Floor Duke Ellington Party Room; doors open at 6pm so guests have an opportunity to socialize, the presentation starts at 8pm; bring something for other people to eat or drink

Special thanks to Andrea for hosting this event.

Prior to the release of the movie "The Da Vinci Code" on May 19, learn more about Dan Brown's bestseller and the truth and fiction behind his claims. Also, find out about the hidden and not-so-hidden messages in Leonardo's greatest paintings, including "The Last Supper", and the recent copyright case in London between Dan Brown and the authors of "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" with the famous "Smithy Code" (Judge Smith's ruling consisted of apparently random coded letters: JAEIEXTOSTG PSACGREAMQWFKADPMQZVZ).

Once again, please bring something for other people to eat or drink. Frank & Andrea look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, May 9th.

2. "Edvard Munch: The Modern Life of the Soul", Friday, May 5, 6pm (meet in front of the ticket office), The Museum of Modern Art, 11 W 53rd Street, Admission free

View the exhibition "Edvard Munch: The Modern Life of the Soul", the first survey of the Norwegian painter in an American Museum in almost 30 years, before it closes a few days later. The show contains more than 130 oil paintings and works on paper covering Munch's entire career from 1880 to 1944. In the words of Grace Glueck who wrote the review about the exhibition for the New York Times:

"The image of "The Scream has been so widely embraced and reproduced that if you hear the name Munch "The Scream" comes instantly to mind, and vice versa. Yet Munch regarded "The Scream" as an aberration, one that cast the shadow of insanity on a body of art that he intended to address more universal aspects of human experiences."

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