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Sailing to Patagonia

Andrea(Submit date: Jul 10, 2009     Last update date: Jul 10, 2009)
Category:Group outings: Sporting & outdoors activities
July 10, 2009 - October 1, 2000
New York
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A friend of mine that I went sailing in Brazil with for 3 weeks is looking for crew. If you could forward this along, that would be great!

Crew Wanted for Sailing to Patagonia and (probably) Antarctica

Dates: Starting end of September/start of October in southern Brazil. Plan is to sail to Ushuaia by December, and Antarctica in January. Probable first stop after Antarctica (March timeframe) would be in South Africa, but it could also be Argentina or Brazil.
Boat is a 52 foot steel schooner, Damien II design, built by META in France. She was designed for Antarctica, has a lifting keel and fairly large sailplan. Equipment includes heater, radar, VHF, AIS, GPS, depthsounder, shortwave receiver, satellite phone for limited email. No watermaker.

The area to be sailed in is extremely adventurous and demanding. I am looking for physically (and emotionally) tough people with experience in difficult outdoor environments. While there is a liferaft and EPIRB aboard, there is little or no possibility of external help in much of the area to be sailed, so being in good health is essential.

Financially, I am looking for volunteer crew able to provide their own transportation to and from the boat, have suitable clothes (I have extra safety harnesses for those who don't own one), and their own spending money in port. I would prefer people able to share in the cost of food (food in South America costs about half what it does in the continental USA). I look after the boat expenses.

Total people on board, including myself, will be 2-4. Am looking for people with time for the whole trip (end Sept/start of October to March [or later, if desired, as I am planning to sail to Canada afterwards]).

I am 47, non-smoker, moderate drinker, relatively quiet, not a yeller, and considered easy to get along with by most people. I have about 45,000 miles of sailing experience.

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